15 Jun 2017

Below there is the list of topics connected with influential migrants and causes of migration discussed during lessons with the students of L.O. in Grojec. The lessons were carried out in the period of March – June 2017.

Staging performances on migrations („Influential migrants” and „World migrants”).

„Immigrants” and „Fake news” – discussion based on an article from „Current” magazine.

Presentation of the results of C2 meeting in Portugal – sharing knowledge and experience.

Forum posts – policies on refugees (giving opinions and calling for action).

The issues of the modern world – migrations.

Drawing conclusions – reasons for migration, writing stories.

Influential migrants – brainstorming and making presentations.

Helping refugees, supporting charities – sharing experiences and opinions.

Immigrants and refugees in Poland – presentation on the government policy towards immigrants and refugees.

Making presentations on the most influential emigrants and immigrants.

Writing stories starting with: „If I had to migrate….”.

Answering the question: „Can you imagine the world without….?” (an influential migrat).

Workshops – sharing knowledhe and experience after C2 meeting in Portugal (student-to-student lessons).