13 Jun 2017

Recent  terror attacks across Europe, have sparked a new push to see illegal immigrants sent home or abroad from Italy as the police has pointed out, referring to the latest terror attack in London

Yousef Zagba, one of the three terrorists involved in London attacks on London Bridge, is believed to have been stopped and questioned at Stansted Airport earlier this year but still allowed to enter the UK.

Italian authorities said they have done everything they could they raise their concerns about the 22-years old to Britain’s intelligence agencies.

The terrorist was under constant  police monitoring in our country.

Terrorism is a threat that does not recognize borders and especially European borders which are more and more violated in the last weeks.

It is ” time to act “, as Paolo Gentiloni, the Italian Premier , said on May 5th in the State of the Union Conference in Florence, in order to guarantee security of the country.

New rules will be approved. Italy will open 16 detention centers for migrants under new rules where those detained will stay until deportation can be arranged.

Gentiloni thanked European Commission President Jean Cloud Juncker for praising Italian efforts to cope with the Mediterranean asylum-seeker crisis.

He also affirmed that a serious common policy on migration is needed and if Italy defended the Union’s honor, this should be defended together.

Nowadays it is not only a question of honor, it is a question of security.

The flow of irregular migrants entering the Europe reached unprecedented levels during 2016 and in the last six months of 2017.

Waves of migrants landed on Italian islands ; the latest was the Doctors without Borders (MSF) rescue ship carrying 1500 migrants which finally docked in the Italian port of Naples on May 28th. 

Anyway lone actor attackers have to pose the greatest threat and the mass influx of irregular migrants has been resulted in a perception that the migrants are a threat. This contributed to nervousness among European security services and the public.

Since terror attacks in Berlin, Turkey and UK there has been in Italy and in Europe the urgency to establish new rules to expel those who do not have the right to stay.

Indeed this danger requires new outlines for European policies on migration and security, as Gentiloni confirmed.

Concetta Tene

Mina Magliano

Annamaria Rivolta