30 May 2018

Here you can find students’ stories or interviews on the following topics:

  • Write a story about a migrant titled: „My first day in a New Land”.
  • Write an interview with an imaginary migrant who has experienced a „Culture Shock” on arrival in a New Land.

Interview 1.

“Culture Shock”

  • Where do you come from?
  • I’m a 19-year old Syrian girl
  • How did you arrive here in Germany?
  • I passed the borders with my 40-year-old husband and our newborn child. In fact, the family of my husband is currently living in Germany, so the authorities helped us to complete all the needed documents.
  • How long have you been here?
  • Since the 14th of March, for 2 months
  • What has impressed you the most since you’ve been here?
  • The medical support, the high standard of living and technology
  • Is there anything else you want to say about the difference between our cultures?
  • I was really impressed about women’s rights. I have noticed that women here have the same rights as men, they can express their opinion freely and they are not obliged to get married without their will.
  • I see, thank you for your time, I wish you a pleasant stay here in Germany
  • Thank you very much!!

Interview 2.

“CULTURE SHOCK” (by Giannis)

– So, where do you come from?
– I come from Aleppo, Syria.
– Did you come alone ?
– My daughter and I were rescued by the local authorities.
– What happened to the rest of your family?
– My wife and my son were killed during the war.
– How many days are you here?
– Ten and a half days.
– What were your first impressions for this country?
– Many things. First of all, I saw women had more rights and freedom in every case during their everyday life. In addition , the hospitality they offered us was warm and the response of the locals was immediate. It shocked me because of the war in our home we had forgotten how it is to be a human being leading an everyday normal life.
– What else?
– Another thing that shocked me was the flexibility of the laws to its people. I mean, how can they allow teenagers get their hands on alcohol and cigarettes. In my country it is completely forbidden.
– Alright, what are you thinking of doing next?
– Probably finding a job to feed my daughter and provide us with a safe home.
– Alright. It has been nice talking to you. I wish you good luck.
– Thank you.

Story 1.

“My first day in a new land: a refugee’s journey”

MARCH 26, 2017

My name is Muhammad and I’m from Syria. Two years ago I fled the war in Syria and I was preparing to embark on a perilous journey to Europe. On my way I survived a dangerous sea crossing to Greece. I persisted through countless miles on foot and sleepless nights. I arrived to Greece in March 26, 2017 in a boat along with 100 refugees. When we reached the coast of Kos the port authorities picked us up and we were led to a large place, a stadium called “Antagoras”. Episodes were noted when a lot of migrants and refugees refused to enter the Antagoras Stadium where we were transported, protesting on a main road on the island and asked us to leave immediately. The situation quickly escalated with the police officers chasing and hitting some refugees with globs and using fire extinguishers that made the atmosphere suffocating. The same day we were offered medical support, and the authorities gave us all the supplies we needed. Because the island was not prepared for such a huge flow of refugees, the authorities couldn’t offer us a proper place to sleep. Fortunately the government provided us with camp tents and so the night passed. This was my first day experience in a new land, in Kos. In Greece when I arrived I faced more hardships, loneliness, lack of work, uncertainty over whether I would be able to get my mother and sister out of the war in Aleppo – Syria. But, with drive and persistence, I started to create a new life in a new country.

Story 2.

“My first day in a New Land” (BY ANTHI METAXA)

The civil war in my homeland continues relentlessly. I had to leave the country, my life was in danger. After a journey of ten days full of adventures, I boarded in an inflatable boat along with many other of my compatriots and we crossed the sea.

The first day in the new land found us on the coast in an awful condition. The locals saved us from a certain drowning. They took us all to the hospital for first aid.  Then we were taken to the police to give them information about our ID and nationality.

I had mixed emotions.  On one hand, I was feeling relieved that I was saved and on the other hand, fear and anguish for the future.  After all the procedures, time had passed and the local authorities took us to a reception center for refugees and immigrants. There they offered us warm hospitality, food and psychological support.

Those were my personal experiences from the first day in a new land. After two months of my staying here I still hope for a better future.


Story 3.

“My first day in a New Land” (by Giannis)

After a few days of going through rough seas, watching my people drown, children, elders and women, we finally arrived at our destination.

The view of the New Land was the hope that we had since we left our home. The home that we lost because of the hate between humans. It was struck by a war, but the worst kind of war. Our people killing each other based on their political beliefs and ideologies. It is not fair, but who said life is fair? Hopefully here, we find peace. We had been seen by the local authorities. They came to us with rubber boats and rescued the remaining people. We went through some security that was making sure we did not have any contraband on us. After that, they put me inside of a bus, it must have been from the police. They took me to some rooms asking different questions. Some of them kind of personal but I answered nonetheless. I did not know what they were capable of, so I could not lie to them. After a few interrogations I started feeling a little anxious and my mouth froze. I think it was probably fear and trauma. The interrogations made it even worse. The people who asked me questions said something about putting me in a asylum. At first I was glad because I had spent most of the day due to the local reception system. So after that I realized that I should start running. They took me again in one of their vehicles that looked like it transferred  prisoners. We arrived outside an enormous building. It looked like the other buildings that I had seen but this one looked… different. When I went inside I saw things that made me question if  I had found peace after all. Hopefully it will get better.