30 May 2018

Here you can find students’ stories or interviews on the following topics:

  • Write a story about a migrant titled: „My first day in a New Land”.
  • Write an interview with an imaginary migrant who has experienced a „Culture Shock” on arrival in a New Land.

Story 1.

And there I was, alone, in a completely new country. Although I was in the middle of the crowd, I felt lost as I were on an uninhabited island.  I’d just arrived and already felt as if it was the end of the world. I was scared, hungry, thirsty. I felt like people were staring at me. I went to the shop to have some snack and to my surprise, everyone was so nice to each other. Everyone was smiling, they seemed to be just happy. The women at the cash desk told me some useful tips on how to move around the city and which places I should visit. She recommended to me where I could find cheap flats. I was glad that I had made my choice. I knew that I would have a lovely time there. The beginning was tough, but now I remember that day as one of the best in my life. (Jakub Szymanski)

Story 2.

“My first day in Copenhagen”

I”m Henry and I’m from Germany. I moved to Copenhagen a few months ago. I would like to describe my first day here. I arrived AT about 6 A.M. The first thing I saw was a big airport with many people. When I left the airport my TAXI had already been waiting for me. It took me to my cousin’s house where I used to stay until I found my own place. I left my things in my room and I went sightseeing. The first thing which caught my attention was the fact that every house was the same height. During my first walk people were really nice. I had to ask somebody about the way and without any problem this person helped me. I was surprised. Copenhagen city has very good public transport. On my way I stopped for lunch in a small restaurant next to a pretty bridge, of course, at first I had to go among plenty of bikes. The food was very good. I walked the whole day. When I arrived home at about 10 P.M. I felt asleep immediately. (Pawel Szulczyk)