Story 1.

“Joy Joy Pumpkin and the rough road”

My name is J. J. Pumpkin I’m Scottish and I’m 28. I studied as an IT engineer at the University of Glasgow. I emigrated when I was 25 because in Scotland I couldn’t find a job as an engineer and also living in my home country can be really hard. I went to Austria hoping to get a job for the company K.T.M. , or even a branch of the company. It was really hard at first because I didn’t know the language but I started going to private lessons so I could learn how to speak within a year. Now I’m a consulting IT engineer for K.T.M. I’m really satisfied with my life here, I miss my friends and family in Edinburgh, but I would never go back, here I have a future and stable life for me and me and my family.


Story 2.

“California dream”

Radostin was 23 years old when he decided to move to the USA. He grew up in a poor family and he had been saving money for the trip to the USA for a long time. He had to work as time passed, he managed to collect all the money for the trip. Since the young age he had a passion for computers, which motivated him to go and study informatics engineering in California.

in the beginning, when he first moved, he really liked the lifestyle and the weather of California, though he faced many difficulties with the language. He felt homesick and he missed his country, friends, family but after some time he got adapted, he found a steady job and he didn’t want to come back.