21 Mar 2017

Here are a few of the short stories about MIGRATION written by the Spanish students, as part of the preparation stage for C1 meeting:


How would you feel if you didn’t have the opportunity to study? Being trapped in your house, complying with the orders of an only person. You are already destined to live the same routine, with no options to change it.
Living in a country where women don’t have rights, even to go out of their homes without the permission of her father or her husband, make you consider many things. Since I was little, I wanted to study. Learn, work, live. All that young people today think is insignificant. I wanted to have my own life, and be able to decide on it.
That was my dream. But something had to happen to encourage me to do it. And it happened. My father died when I was a teenager. My mom was in charge of 6 children. The only one who worked was my dad, while my mother stayed at home, looking after us. So, we were left with no economic resources. And that was the moment when I realized that I had to emigrate from my country for long.

Once upon a time when the river´s water was clearer,when animals lived peacefully in green forests without pollution,when you could see the blue sky perfectly,a beautiful story was in progress…????

In a rich and gigantic kingdom,whose royal family was well-known all over the world,a strange man arrived and made everyone panic.This man was so mysterious,he was very tall and he wore a large cape???that covered his face.

One day,the king´s daughter was riding her horse when she saw something strange…somebody was looking at her, which was normalbecause this girl was the most beautiful in the kingdom. She had long curly blond hair,her eyes were blue and her parents loved her so much,but nobody knew about her secret…
The following day???,as a routine,she was going again for a walk,when,suddenly,the strange man appeared again.The princess asked him what his name was and why he was there.While he was talking,he took off his cape: he was a black man,his skin was very dark.The princess could have run away but something very special appeared between her and the strange man. They had fallen in love…The man told her that he was there to save her life because he had the method to cure the curse.He told her that he had had a lot of problems,nobody accepted him,because he was different…

The king,an intelligent man, thought that the man was different, he was special because he was her daughter´s boyfriend and he had saved her life. Hecould never pay for this with money.

So think…the black man now is like an immigrant,they came to our countries for a better life, to study, to help us at work and they are the same as us.If politicians were the king, would they accept the man?I haven´t got an answer to this question…because this storyhappenseverydayin all parts of the world, we can change the world. Don´t look at an immigrant in amazement or with nauseabecause, one day, you will be an immigrant.We can change the world,as humans,as a big family…


A small kid in a big world
This is Tommy’s story, a little boy who lived in Brazil in 1978. Tommy’s family was a standard Brazilian family. His father, Pablo, worked in the field and his mother, Roberta, had studies of architecture, but she was unemployed.
One day, their parents explained to him they were going to move to another country, Roberta had found a well-paid job in Switzerland.
At first, Tommy didn’t really understand what was going to happen. But the next September they took all their stuffs, they said goodbye to all the people who Tommy had known in his short life.
When he arrived at his new home in his new country, he cried all the time because he didn’t understand anything when people talked to him and the school was hell, he was completly alone.
The forth year Tommy passed in Switzerland he felt half Swiss half Brazilian, he became a mix of both cultures.
Today, Tommy lives in USA, he loves travelling to other countries and learning about other cultures.
He was afraid at first, but finally, he realized that he had to emigrate from his country for long.

I will never forget that boy, his smile, his eyes…
All happened the morning of the 24th November, six years ago. We were going to our grandma’s country house to spend Christmas there when, suddenly, in the middle of the road, we saw a thing that seemed a little person. We stopped sharply and we got out of the car when we realized it certainly was a little boy. He was alone and he was crying because he was lost, he didn’t know where his mother was, not even if she was alive or not.
We took him to our grandma’s house and we washed him because unfortunately, he was so dirty. He spoke English and we could communicate with him. He told us he was separated from his mum when they arrived in our country and that his father and his older brother died in the war.
We tried to find his mother in an inmigration office while our grandma was taking care of him at her house. As we didn’t find anything, we went back to the country house. When we arrived, I saw the little boy wearing my old clothes, singing and dancing Christmas bells with my grandma; my mum turned into tears when she saw that, what a wonderful image!
The boy spent all the Christmas with us and we had great fun! But the next morning the phone rang very early: it was his mother! She came to the house because she had heard about our advertisement. She told us she had found a job. The child went with her and they started to live in a nearby town. At that point, I realized I had to emigrate from my country for long.

My name is Alex and I am 25 years old. I like sports, listening to music and going out with Friends, just like 90% of the population. Five years ago, I finished my degree in Philosophy and I have also finished my cello studies. I live in Sweden now, but I am from Barcelona, a Spanish city. Well, in fact, I am not really sure if it is Spanish or not, there are some views about this.
When I was a child, dad told me that if I studied, I could have the job of my dreams, but it is not as it is was expected to be. In my country, I was not able to work as a Phylosophy teacher because there was a decrease in the number of theachers working (it seems someone does not want children to think). Anyway, I was working as a busker next to the cathedral, and I could live with that salary. But one day, I was told I had to pass an exam to work in the streets or something like this. As you can imagine, that was the point I realised I had to emigrate from my country for long.