15 Oct 2017

“We are all migrants of this world” meeting took place this time in Greece on the island of Kos. This is the most beautiful place I’ve ever seen. It was attended by students from Portugal, Spain, Italy, Greece and Poland. It was for me, and I think for all the participants, an incredible experience that will remain in our memory for a lifetime.
The family I lived with was amazing because I felt like at home. They treated me like their son, and Mike (my host) was like brother to me. Mike’s mom cooked like a real master chef. Referring to the food I recommend to everyone trying traditional Greek dishes.
This project allowed me to meet new people from other countries. We integrated well with each other for the whole duration of the project. I think they are friends for life and I hope we will meet again not once.
However, the most important thing in this project was the work we all did. It was not tiring however because I had brilliant company. The workshops have changed my perception about refugees and migrants. I’ve learned more, I know now that people have to run away from war to find a better life and provide better life for their families.
In conclusion, it was an unforgettable experience, there was a place for work and play. The relationship will remain forever and the knowledge gained during the project will hopefully make the world a better place. I recommend everyone to take part in projects like this, develop their knowledge and pass it to others.
Michał Zawiślak

Project Erasmus+ “We are all migrants of this world” was the best thing in my school. On the one hand, there was a lot of work but I didn’t feel like I was working because of the great atmosphere and people. On the other hand, there was also a lot of fun, sunbathing and meetings with foreigners. I improved my English and broke the language barrier. What’s more, I made friends with Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, Greek students and improved relationships with the Polish students. I’m also very grateful to the family that hosted me. It was a pleasure to live with such amazing people. But the most important is that I completely changed my mind regarding refugees. Now I know that we should help them as much as we can. They are the same people like us, but they have come through a lot of worse things, like war. I hope that more Polish people will start thinking like this and we will be able to help them.

Natalia Andziak

The meeting in Greece connected with project “We are all migrants of this world” was the best experience I have ever had in my life. Everything was perfectly planned. The schedule was full of exciting activities. My host family was very kind to me and I could feel as if I had been a member of their family. I want to thank John because he was like a brother to me whom I had never had.
The meeting made me realise how important the problem of refugees is. During our workshops we worked on some solutions which could be helpful for them. Moreover, we visited a refugee centre and we saw that they were not different from us. Refugees are also humans like us and they have rights to live a safe life.
Moreover, I got to know a lot about Greek people and their habits. It was my first time I had ever been to Greece and I was very impressed by its beauty.
However, the most important for me was that I made friends not only from Greece but also from Spain, Portugal and Italy. They were very close to me, I had a great time with them and I hope we will keep in touch.
All in all, I’m very fortunate I was given the opportunity to be there. My memories will surely not let me forget about this meeting.
Rafal Wilk

The students’ exchange visit to Greek island Kos was a great experience for me. The project called ‘We are all migrants of this world’ gave me a lot. The most important thing for me was the meeting with refugees in the hotspot on the island. I changed my attitude towards them. I saw pain and sadness. I saw children, whose childhood cannot be as ours because of the war. I think that thanks to the meeting my mind has changed a lot. 
Another great thing was the opportunity to meet students and teachers from other European countries. I can say that we befriended, and I hope that we will be in touch for ages. 
Walking along the streets, working in international groups let me develop my language skills. The Greek cuisine, especially mousaka, the atmosphere in the town, and good organization made us feel the best. 
In the end I would love to thank my Greek sister Kalia and her family, for their hospitality, presents, and delicious food!!
It was a great time!

Zuza Durka