Polish students’ memories after the visit in Spain:

“I believe that such projects are an incredible opportunity to establish international friendships, get to know other cultures, explore previously unknown parts of the world and learn about the realities of life in other countries. In addition, they enable the development of passions and interests as well as language and communication skills which are necessary in adult life. The project ‘We are all migrants of this world’ opened my eyes to the contemporary migration problem and showed that tolerance is the basis of life in happiness and harmony. What’s more, I had the opportunity to integrate with students from other countries, get to know their cultures, differing in some aspects from ours, for example the incredible freedom in contacts even with strangers. However, despite several cultural differences, it was easy to see that we are all the same, we spend our free time in a similar way and our interests more or less overlap. Communication in English has created the opportunity to develop language skills that cannot be experienced in ordinary learning conditions, and the language barrier vanished and encouraged the use of the only language that was understandable for all – English. Finally, I would like to thank both the organizers of the trip and its participants. To the organizers for creating a unique opportunity to get to know other cultures and visit amazing places, to the project participants, and in particular my host family, for their hospitality and a warm, family atmosphere and constant repetition to me that mi casa es su casa! (my house is your house).” – Katarzyna

“I’m under big impression after the exchange in Spain. I saw a lot of beautiful views during this week and I met a lot of great people. I really appreciate the involvement of the Spanish team, every minute of the exchange was well planned and aimed at spending the time in the best possible way. I have learned a lot about Spanish culture and a few words in their language. Some things I remember the most are Spanish hospitality and openness. Almost every person in their town knows each other. The thing which I would like to have here in Poland is siesta, which for me is a great idea. I also visited a lot of monuments there like Alhambra, basilicas in Cordoba or Malaga city. I feel like my English has improved and now it is better than before the exchange. Every exchange is a great opportunity to improve our English, make new friends and get a lot of new experiences. I tested a lot of typical Spanish dishes which I really liked. I would like to thank a lot my host Spanish family. You were very kind to me. Your hospitality was infinite. You did for me everything you could to make this trip the best for me. I would like to greet all my Spanish, Portuguese, Greek and Italian friends I met. I really miss you. I hope we will meet again in near future.” – Paweł


“Looking back at the past week I can surely say that Erasmus+ project was one on the best experiences I have ever had to remember for the whole life. Not only could I learn more about the discussed topic „We are all migrants of this world”, but also learn about cultural aspects, visit new places, and, what is the most important, meet amazing people. The language barrier wasn’t a problem at all. We all communicated in English and we spent a wonderful time together during workshop and visits. Moreover, after the meeting in Spain, we all know new words in other languages. While learning and teaching them we had a lot of fun. From my personal point of view, I think it was great to get to know other traditions and customs. I really enjoyed being a Spaniard for a week and integrating with peers from Spain, Portugal, Greece and Italy. I really appreciate the warm hospitality given by Araceli and her family, thanks to which I felt at home. I am sure we will stay friends forever. “ – Kaja

“I would like to thank all the students, teachers and parents involved in the Erasmus+ project for their hospitality in cheerful Spanish Rute. Thanks to this Erasmus+ project I was able to develop my language skills, meet many new friends and visit interesting places such as Granada, Malaga, Rute or Cordoba. It is worth having dreams that can come true in the future, and while travelling we have the opportunity to get to know new cultures and develop our skills.” – Dawid