23 Sep 2018


HEADLINE Liban: Polska najbardziej zaangażowana w pomoc uchodźcom na miejscu

According to what sheikh Mohammad Awad Murheb said, Poland is one of the countries that are sending a lot of help towards refugees in Lebanon. Since 2012, Poland has been supporting Syrian refugees and cooperates with the local community.
Sheikh Mohammad claims that refugees shouldn’t come to Europe firstly because they won’t come back to their country even when the situation changes and secondly because he believes that direct help from other countries is essential and that it can improve their lives to the point in which there will be no need of running away to Europe. He also says that the poorest don’t have enough money to travel so they need help in the place they are.
Earlier, Poland was not a known country in Lebanon or by Syrians but the situation has changed a lot. Poland is associated with humanitarian aid. After 2012, we had contacts with many organizations from different countries that came to help refugees. Most of them spent a lot of money, but it did not have great and lasting effects. It was completely different with PCPM. It’s an organization that just knew how to help’ – the sheikh says about the beginning of cooperation with the Polish Center for International Aid. PCPM provides a home for many refugees and together with the sheikh runs a clinic, a mobile clinic and an education center.



HEADLINE: ‘The Refugee.pl’ foundation organizes training for schools to familiarize students with the migration problem.

Refugee.pl Foundation was registered in the National Court Register in January 2015. It is an organization that deals, inter alia, with integration and legal assistance for refugees, migrants and repatriates, conducting research and information activities on the phenomenon of refugees and migration. Currently, the foundation comes out with the proposal to organize workshops and trainings for high school, technical and vocational school students, which are aimed at getting acquainted with the growing problem of migration.



HEADLINE: The Polish Humanitarian Action expands operations in Syria.

PAH is a Polish non-governmental organization operating since 1992. Since 2004, it has also been a public benefit organization.
PAH provides humanitarian aid: it is where support is needed most and operates all over the world. It reacts in places where humanitarian crises break out as a result of natural disasters and armed conflicts. An immediate response to the crisis is a priority, but it is also important to look for long-term solutions and prevent further disasters.
Currently, the organization conducts many activities, including events such as: water in North Idleb Donor and in Aleppo region,  education in the Turkish Antakya city (supports Syrian refugees and the local community, increasing access to education) and nourishment in southern Idleb and North Ham (it organizes trainings on agriculture and provides financial assistance for initiatives related to food production).



HEADLINE: Aga Zaryan and a young generation of exceptional jazz musicians will play a charity concert for the Refugees Welcome program

Aga Zaryan together with jazz musicians Marcel Baliński, Patryk Dobosz and Rafał Różalski gave a concert in aid of refugees on Sunday 22ndApril 2018 o in a jazz club in Warsaw. Anyone who supports the Refugees Welcome program with a minimum donation of 25 euros will receive a ticket to this concert.  ‘I dream about Poland being a country where those who come seeking shelter find a real heaven. By supporting the Refugees Welcome program, dreams can come true. Better together!’ says Aga Zaryan. It is worth mentioning that Refugees Welcome is a program that connects Poles who have a spare room in their home, with refugees who need it. In this way, the needy get a roof over their heads, but not only – at the same time the path to integration, mutual knowledge and breaking stereotypes is opened.



HEADLINE: The Polish UNICEF organization appeals: the war in Syria is lasting for 7 years! Give a donation to the injured ones to help them survive.

‘Last year, Poles donated over 800,000 zl to help children from Syria. However, the needs are enormous and that is why we appeal all the time for support’, we can read on the organization’s website.
UNICEF has been in place since the beginning of the war and as one of the few organizations, it provides assistance in almost all of Syria and in neighboring countries where refugees have found refuge. It helps in providing medicines, clothing and blankets. It financially supports the family, provides the youngest with access to basic health care, education, and organizes supplies of drinking water and food. Unfortunately, the needs are huge, so I need every possible support to be able to continue the necessary humanitarian action.



Headline: Poland refuses Middle Eastern migrants

Polish Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki says his government won’t meet the EU’s mandatory refugee quotas set to help take the burden off Italy and Greece.

“We are invariably of the opinion, formulated by Law and Justice ahead of the elections of 2015, that we will not be receiving migrants from the Middle East and Northern Africa in Poland,” Morawiecki said during an interview with Radio Poland.

That doesn’t mean the country isn’t pulling its weight, Morawieski said.

“On the Eastern borders of the European Union we contribute a lot to lowering tensions since we have already received tens of thousands and maybe even hundreds of thousands of refugees from Ukraine – but we don’t give them asylum status.”

Last month the European Commission said it would sue Poland, Hungary and the Czech Republic for refusing to host asylum-seekers.