06 Jun 2017

The visit in Portugal (C2) has been an incredibly fulfilling experience in many respects both for the students and for the teachers. During the visit, students and teachers learnt about relevant influential migrants from each country participating in the project. Besides, students had the possibility of working in multicultural groups as we can see in one of the pictures. I consider this one of the most interesting and important aspects of the Erasmus + experience if we want to build a free and open Europe based on solidarity and respect. In addition, we discovered and enjoyed the great cultural richness of Portugal, its warm and affectionate people and their amazing gastronomy and cuisine. I would like to highlight the wonderful dinner we were offered in the school by the Portuguese student’s parents, liven up with folk dance and music. Last but not least, on behalf of the Spanish team, I would like to thank our Portuguese colleagues for their warm and friendly hospitality during our visit.

Salvador Jimenez Rojas