30 May 2018

My Opinion on Meeting C4 in Naples

On 18th and 19th February the foreign students and teachers arrived in Naples. They stayed here just a week.  We did a lot of things. On Monday and Thursday we passed our time at school, introducing ourselves and our school. We received them with a multicultural dancing and neapolitan songs. We also presented our tasks about migration. During the other days we visited the city, giving them the opportunity to know different aspects of the city. We gave them also the possibility to taste typical Italian and above all neapolitan food. For example pizza, pasta, casatiello. The most special day has been Thursday at school because it gave us the possibility to know better the other cultures and to strength a bond of friendship. We had a lot of fun especially in the afternoon, when all together sang the song of our meeting and danced a typical polish dance tunak tunak also with teachers. We are sorry about the bad conditions of the weather which did not gave the possibility to enjoy in the right way our city. Anyway we passed unforgettable moments. We do not have great technological and advanced things, but we tried to make everybody feel welcome and accepted by us. Despite all we learned to accept the differences and cultures of other people and especially to perceive the importance of the unity among different races in order to constitute an entire human race.

Student: Anna Di Spirito