23 Sep 2018

https://wiadomosci.radiozet.pl/Swiat/Liban-Polska-najbardziej-zaangazowana-w-pomoc-uchodzcom HEADLINE Liban: Polska najbardziej zaangażowana w pomoc uchodźcom na miejscu According to what sheikh Mohammad Awad Murheb said, Poland is one of the countries that are sending a lot of help towards refugees in Lebanon. Since 2012, Poland has been supporting Syrian refugees and cooperates with the local community. Sheikh Mohammad claims that refugees […]

29 Nov 2017

STORY 1. Metaxa The migration of Greek Scientists abroad the phenomenon of Brain Drain , which has emerged in the recent years , because of the problem of high unemployment especially for young people. This is the phenomenon of people who have completed higher education. There are several stories of those young gifted people. “Greece […]