23 Sep 2018

https://wiadomosci.radiozet.pl/Swiat/Liban-Polska-najbardziej-zaangazowana-w-pomoc-uchodzcom HEADLINE Liban: Polska najbardziej zaangażowana w pomoc uchodźcom na miejscu According to what sheikh Mohammad Awad Murheb said, Poland is one of the countries that are sending a lot of help towards refugees in Lebanon. Since 2012, Poland has been supporting Syrian refugees and cooperates with the local community. Sheikh Mohammad claims that refugees […]

Polish students’ memories after the visit in Spain: “I believe that such projects are an incredible opportunity to establish international friendships, get to know other cultures, explore previously unknown parts of the world and learn about the realities of life in other countries. In addition, they enable the development of passions and interests as well […]