Final Erasmus presentation, for all the students and families that took part in the project. Each group of students presented their experience, their memories and a final evaluation of the impact the project had in their lifes in the school auditorium. Parents, brothers and some friends were there to witness this moment and to remenber […]

20 Jul 2017

The students that participated in the C3 exchange had a task that involved a written work about their experience in Erasmus+ project. After finishing this task, they presented their work in public . These activities were made during the English classes but the presentation of the final work involved the 9th grade classes of the school. Read […]

15 Jun 2017

The magazine that was produced for C2 meeting was printed on paper and it is available in our school libray. We also offered a copy to all the school libraries of Oliveira de Azeméis. That way, students and teachers from the other schools of our municipality can learn some more about our project and about the theme […]

15 Jun 2017

Below there is the list of topics connected with influential migrants and causes of migration discussed during lessons with the students of L.O. in Grojec. The lessons were carried out in the period of March – June 2017. Staging performances on migrations („Influential migrants” and „World migrants”). „Immigrants” and „Fake news” – discussion based on […]

14 Jun 2017

The Portuguese students that participated in C2 made a public presentation about the C2 meeting for other students of our school. They presented their personal experiences, refering to the activities of the project, to the impact on their families and to the most important memories they kept from those five days. At the end of the […]

11 Jun 2017

Students and teachers coming from five European countries met in Oliveira de Azemeis for the 2nd meeting C2 of our project “We are all migrants of this world”. Experience in Portugal offered Italian students and teachers the opportunity to cooperate, to learn about some famous migrants, to consolidate intercultural contacts and have a valuable insight […]

08 Jun 2017

The students and teachers participating in C2 meeting in Portugal gave a presentation to the school community in L.O. Grojec. They talked about the idea of “We are all migrants of this world” project, presented the products created by the participating students and made the audience familiar with the most influential migrants from the five […]

06 Jun 2017

The visit in Portugal (C2) has been an incredibly fulfilling experience in many respects both for the students and for the teachers. During the visit, students and teachers learnt about relevant influential migrants from each country participating in the project. Besides, students had the possibility of working in multicultural groups as we can see in […]