29 Nov 2017

I am going to write about my cousin’s story, her name is Carmen, she’s 24 years old and when she was 22 she decided to go abroad to study, specifically to Ireland, she had just finished biotechnology career and she knows that she couldn’t stay in Spain forever, also she knows that here, there were less opportunities than there so she found a center where they allowed her to do more specialized practices and paid her something, so she didn’t need any more, she was informed of her residence in which many Spanish young people went to study and because of it she was motivated since it wouldn’t be alone, she would make friends … it would be a new experience.
On the one hand her firsts month were easy because she was very comfortable with her lab partners and she spent a lot of time there learning much but on other hand it was hard because she really missed her family, her friends, the Spanish food…
Carmen had thought to live there for one year or some months. Nevertheless, she continued there since he found work in a laboratory near her residence. Now she has time to work, to go out, there is a very big cultural exchange, she has found to her couple, She has specialized in her profession and has a good work, in short, her standard of living at Ireland is very good, so at the moment she isn’t thinking about coming back but she doesn’t know if she will return in a few years.
She says that this was the perfect moment to go abroad because when we grow up, we have more impediments to travel since we form families, we have the responsibility of earning money so she recommends studying or to being employed in other countries because we will be able to turn our country of origin.
(by Angela)

MY AUNT DELIA´S STORY (María Trujillo)
This is the story about my aunt Delia´s life since she was 18, studying at university.

At that time she was living in Málaga studying English Philology. While she was there, she met George, an American boy who was there on holidays. Delia started going out with him because she said she learnt more talking with him than at university and he was a very good person. Sadly, September was arriving and she fell in love with him, but he had to leave Spain and return to his city, Houston.

In those years it was very difficult to live in another place out of our country because there wasn’t enough money to do it, so she couldn’t see him, only during holidays when he came to Spain. In the meantime, they exchanged letters to get to know each other better.

During the first year without George, my aunt decided to start working while she was studying to earn some money and go to Houston, and she did it. While she was not studying for her exams she worked in a fruit stand in an outdoor market in Málaga, but she earned very little.
After four years studying to get her degree, she was planning to go to Houston for a month when his father (my grandmother´s brother) became ill with lung cancer. So it was impossible to leave him, she couldn’t go to Houston.
Three months later her father recovered and she finally decided to go to Houston. It seems to me that Houston is a good city and George a good man because since my aunt went to Houston, she has only come here to visit us on holidays and she still lives there.

She is so proud of the decision she made and she is still there with her husband and her three children, working as a Spanish teacher.
She finally got what she wanted!
(by Maria)


(by Juan Carlos)