INTERVIEW TO AN IMMIGRANT “Culture shock” (Leo is an immigrant who lived in Tanzania. He came to Spain a few days ago and we have interviewed him to know what his first impression was) Interviewer: What was your feeling of the country when you first saw the streets full of people? Leo: I’ve never seen […]

Last 6th June, students who took part in meeting C2 explained in the local media their experiences, the cultural programme in Portugal and the activities they had to prepare during this week. They took part actively in a conversation with students that have been selected for C3 (next meeting in Kos Greece). Here is the […]

06 Jun 2017

The visit in Portugal (C2) has been an incredibly fulfilling experience in many respects both for the students and for the teachers. During the visit, students and teachers learnt about relevant influential migrants from each country participating in the project. Besides, students had the possibility of working in multicultural groups as we can see in […]