14 Jun 2017

The Portuguese students that participated in C2 made a public presentation about the C2 meeting for other students of our school. They presented their personal experiences, refering to the activities of the project, to the impact on their families and to the most important memories they kept from those five days. At the end of the […]

14 Jun 2017

After participating in C2 meeting, in Poland, the portuguese team wrote an article to be published ins the school newsletter. This article described the activities that took place in Poland and the personal experiences of the five portuguese students during the meeting. The parents and the entire school community could learn more about our project. To […]

Agrupamento de Escolas Ferreira de Castro regularly publishes a newsletter that is sent to students, parents and teachers.  In october, the entire school community could read an article about the project “We are all migrants of this world”, descibing the participants, the themes to be addressed during each meeting and the aims of the project. […]

14 Jun 2017

The five students that participated in C1 meeting presented the work done in Poland to other students. After arriving from Poland, Joana, Leonor, Marta, Martim and Pedro made presentations to the other 9th grade students of the school about their experience in the Erasmus+ project. They described the activities in wich they took part, showed […]

13 Jun 2017

Recent  terror attacks across Europe, have sparked a new push to see illegal immigrants sent home or abroad from Italy as the police has pointed out, referring to the latest terror attack in London Yousef Zagba, one of the three terrorists involved in London attacks on London Bridge, is believed to have been stopped and […]

11 Jun 2017

Students and teachers coming from five European countries met in Oliveira de Azemeis for the 2nd meeting C2 of our project “We are all migrants of this world”. Experience in Portugal offered Italian students and teachers the opportunity to cooperate, to learn about some famous migrants, to consolidate intercultural contacts and have a valuable insight […]

10 Jun 2017

Teachers and students participating in the project gave a report about the meeting C2 in Oliveira de Azemeis. School community was very impressed of foreign products and interested in the project matters. Our student Anna Di Spirito told her amazing experience in C1 were she found new friends and great warmth in Polish families.

Last 6th June, students who took part in meeting C2 explained in the local media their experiences, the cultural programme in Portugal and the activities they had to prepare during this week. They took part actively in a conversation with students that have been selected for C3 (next meeting in Kos Greece). Here is the […]

08 Jun 2017

The students and teachers participating in C2 meeting in Portugal gave a presentation to the school community in L.O. Grojec. They talked about the idea of “We are all migrants of this world” project, presented the products created by the participating students and made the audience familiar with the most influential migrants from the five […]