31 May 2017

The Polish students who participated in the meeting in Portugal (“Influential Migrants”) share their knowledge and experience with their schoolmates. The presentation they give aims at familiarizing the school community with the idea of the Erasmus+ project and the products created by the students involved in the project. The knowledge of waves of migrations as […]

21 May 2017

Here are links where dissemination for C2 meeting in Portugal took place: https://www.jablonka.info/index.php/gazeta/item/4251-wplywowi-migranci http://www.grojec24.net/news-wplywowi-migranci,3781.html http://logrojec.pl/10-aktualnosci/206-wplywowi-migranci http://www.echodnia.eu/radomskie/wiadomosci/grojec/a/uczniowie-i-nauczyciele-z-grojca-w-oliveira-de-azmeis,12070731/ http://grojec.pl/aktualnosci/411/ https://zyciegrojca.pl/index.php/news/item/2917-wplywowi-migranci  

12 May 2017

In this session the work procuded by students during the workshops and in the preparation activities was presented. The short stories, the answers to the question “If you had to emigrate what country would you choose?” and the campaign to promote the image of migrants in society were published on the magazine of the project. […]